High-interest loans – as opposed to a low interest rate?

When you have to borrow money, you want to have as low an interest rate as possible at all. That way, what you have to pay to borrow the money will be as low as possible.

Therefore, it immediately seems a little strange to say “yes thank you” to a loan where interest rates are high or at least higher than a very low interest rate loan. Here, many will think “no thanks” to the idea of ​​a loan that has a high interest rate.

Although it will be more expensive than other loans


There are even more good reasons why a loan with a higher interest rate may pay off for you. But first, we look at what it takes to get a low-interest loan.

It is the ordinary banks that can offer the lowest interest rates in this country. It is also primarily for loans for real estate, because for loans for real estate, the bank gets collateral in even the same property. But a loan with a low interest rate can also be obtained if you already have real estate in which you have a freehold value. Here you can also borrow with a low interest rate for improvements in the home. Loans for consumption, car, boat or other luxury goods can sometimes be taken up in the banks. However, not at an equally low interest rate, although collateral can be provided in your real estate.

So as you can see, the collateral and the purpose of the loan go hand in hand with the low interest rate.

High-interest loans are available online – but they have their benefits

High-interest loans are available online - but they have their benefits

The first thought you get after reading the above connection between collateral and creditworthiness is very natural. What to do if you either can’t or won’t provide security. – Here you have the opportunity to take out a loan online, because here no collateral is required of any kind. Unlike the bank loan, you also do not have to disclose what you are borrowing the money for, and therefore they are not targeted anything specific, but can be used just as you wish.

Because there is neither a guarantee nor a requirement that you spend the money on something specific, the interest rate will be higher. These are companies that are willing to take a greater risk in connection with the loan, and therefore they can afford the higher interest rates. In return, you easily and quickly get a loan for what you want, and you do not have to go through the bank’s obligatory and not particularly fun loan talk.

How expensive is it then?

How expensive is it then?

There is no fact list on what it costs to borrow online. Just like there is no borrowing in the bank either. All loan applications are assessed individually and most loan providers have a variable interest rate – understood in the sense that they have a starting point, but that your individual interest rate may be higher than this.

The only way to find out what your online interest rate will be is to file an application with a company. The best thing you can do is file more. Then you can choose between the deals you are offered; see what the interest rate will be for you and thus you can choose the offer where the interest rate is the lowest.

The shorter the maturity of a company, the higher the interest rate will be. But there you will pay off the loan so quickly that a very high interest rate will not feel so bad again. With a longer loan and a good economy, interest rates will also be lower. Therefore, seek the type of loan that suits your finances so that it does not get too expensive in the end. This gives you a loan tailored to your needs.

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