Buyback of private credit: who can benefit from it?

As we showed in a previous article, the repurchase of private credit makes it possible not only to reduce the monthly cost of a loan in a significant way, but also to group various engagements like unpaid balances of credit cards or leases. However, this solution is not intended for all people or all situations.

Loan money for your home

Fashion is constantly changing, and it’s not just in clothing – no, even when it comes to your home, there are a number of requirements that need to be met. Compared to the style of your home, it often requires some major investment, as fixtures and furnishings can be found in a higher price range.

Saving abroad

The current low savings rates and the recent Bitcoin hype are in sharp contrast to each other. Yet there is also a middle ground: savings deposits abroad that often offer higher interest rates than in the Netherlands, such as the Good Finance Savings Bank. For many people, however, saving abroad evokes a gut feeling: is

Bank Calculator Mortgage

A mortgage loan is a mortgage or real estate loan that can help you claim more money from financial institutions. In such cases, the loans taken are usually used for whatever purpose you want, so you can buy an apartment, a car, or start your own business. In most cases, the amount of credit is